McKenzie Associates' Brighton Half Marathon Team Are Aiming High. / by Matt Rigby

medalling volunteer 3_preview1.jpg

The Brighton Half Marathon is fast approaching, and next weekend, a team of McKenzie Associates' finest athletes will be taking part in the corporate relay. This will involve 5 people running the race in a relay fashion, with two prizes being awarded. One for the team that finishes first, and a second for the team that has raised the most money. Proceeds from the corporate relay will go towards The Sussex Beacon; a pioneering HIV charity based here in Brighton, and a charity with whom E3 have worked very extensively over the past 5 years.

Starting the relay race will be Lukas Wojcik, who is the director of McKenzie Associates, a sister company to E3. His determination lead the team from McKenzie Associates to win the fundraising medal in the 2017 event; a success he hopes to replicate this time out. Also taking part will be E3’s brilliant graphic designer, Danilo Rainó. Having joined the team in October 2017, he is a comparatively new face at E3, but has nonetheless dived head first in to the challenge of fundraising for the Brighton Half Marathon. The rest of the team at E3 and McKenzie Associates would like to wish the runners good luck, and hope that they achieve their goal of a medal. The event will be held on Sunday, February 25th, 2018.

For those who wish to donate towards the team’s fundraising efforts, you can do so in the JustGiving link below.